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Multimythological RP.

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For a long time, creatures of Mythology have skirted along the outside of our reality, never lingering long enough for us to notice. Quite frankly, they're tired of it-- especially now when their believers are coming by, less and less.

So, as a means to communicate with each other (why only talk to your own pantheon when there are all those other pretty ones?), they made doorways-- discrete, plain, and entirely unappealing to the human eye. These doors all lead one place: Cafe Undying.

It's nowhere and everywhere, empty and full, it is what they make of it and over time it has come to represent a cozy little internet cafe. Some are typing away on their laptops, others sitting and chatting, drinking strange drinks, eating strange foods; everything is a haphazard mix of cultures and societies and they wouldn't have it any other way.
Cafe Undying is basically just a social hubbub for anything considered mythological. That goes for the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian deities-- even creatures like Vampires and Werethings. Sometimes even Fairy Tales pop in to say hello, between bedtime stories.

It will be treated like a social forum-- speaking in first person, to each other, like you would in an instant message or what have you. "Real Life" meetings can be held in the cafe or wherever you like, but must be played out in personal journals.

Original Characters will be allowed in regards to mythological species. Gods and other established beings will be given some leniency with personal development but we expect you to be 'in character.' That means reading up on myths and acting relatively like how they are portrayed.

Anime/Disney/Book/TV Portrayals might be allowed. We prefer you play off actual myths and legends, as those are the inspiration for said anime/disney/book/tv characters. If you do get accepted as one, don't expect the pantheon s/he may belong to, to accept him/her. Think of it as different versions of the same character. Also, we will be not allowing anything from what is considered a "major world religion." If you don't know what those are, google it.
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